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 About the NEW South Carolina Cheerleading Message Boards!

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About the NEW South Carolina Cheerleading Message Boards! Empty
PostSubject: About the NEW South Carolina Cheerleading Message Boards!   About the NEW South Carolina Cheerleading Message Boards! EmptyFri Sep 18, 2009 6:27 pm

How do I view/join?
These boards are private, so you must be a registered user in order to view our cheerleading threads. It only takes about 2 minutes to register to become a member.  Once you register, you are free to log in and read through the threads. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER MORE THAN ONCE!

Why was this created?
Sadly, the offical South Carolina sports message boards at http://scvarsity.rivals.com/ had removed the Competitive Cheer forum. The old boards were very popular during the cheer season, so a lot of people were dissappointed to have no communication about the current season. By popular demand, this new message board was created in hopes to bring current cheerleaders, parents, fans, and alumni back together again! We are back, and BETTER THAN EVER! Talk about the season, find out information, review results from competitions, make predictions, find advertisements... Anything dealing with SC Cheerleading! This website supports HTML, so feel free to post images and videos.

Rules of the Message Boards
The Administers of this site reserves the right to add new rules when situations arise.

·  A post or thread will be deleted and the poster will receive a warning because of:
1) Accusations against teams/gyms and/or employees of a team/gym that are defamatory and/or slanderous in nature will not be tolerated. Any posts that cannot be backed up with absolute proof, will be deleted. Defamatory = accusations of sexual abuse by a coach, gym cheats at a competition, accusations of illegal activites by a owner/coach/athlete, etc

·  A post will be edited because of:
1) Profanity of ANY kind will not be tolerated. If you post comments with inappropriate language, your post will be edited and you will be sent a private message. The substitution of letters with similar symbols or "bleeping" out certain letters (example: e*****e) is not allowed, the word will be replaced with a G version.
2) Calling out a person and/or user's identity if they clearly made it known they don't want it that way. (The poster will receive a warning.)

·  A thread will be merged if there is already a similar thread.

·  A thread will be moved if the thread was posted in the incorrect section.

·  If a thread/post has been deleted, do not create a new one.
When a thread is deleted, the admin will post why in the "If a thread has been deleted, here's the reason why..." thread. In the event a post has been deleted, the admin will send a pm to the member who posted it.

·  If a post has been edited, do not edit it back to its original message.
An admin has edited the post for a reason and will pm you.

·  Your capabilities of sending private messages pm's may become suspended for:
1) Proven harassment through pm's

·  Your membership will be considered for suspension if:
1) You have been routinely hostile, rude, or offensive.
2) You engage in message board fighting despite being warned by an admin to stop.
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About the NEW South Carolina Cheerleading Message Boards!
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